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Countries offering residence by investment programs

Residency by investment programs, also known as golden visa programs, are an ideal way for individuals to gain residency in a country they desire. Individuals in need of expanding business opportunities or settling in another country can find a solution through residency by investment programs. These programs are also known as . These programs provide the option for individuals of talent and means to relocate and obtain the right to live, work, study, and receive healthcare in their adopted countries of residence.


Australia has become a top destination for global business innovators. Those looking to make the move can benefit from the country’s Permanent Residency program. This requires a capital investment of AUD 2.5 million.


Austria offers an enticing option for applicants speaking German seeking residence in an EU country and visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen Area.


Canada has launched the Start-Up Visa Program that allows global entrepreneurs to live permanently in the country. The programs provides entry route to the North American market and opens up flourishing opportunities.


Cyprus Permanent Residence Program is an excellent choice. It offers the chance to establish a permanent base in this Mediterranean island nation with its enviable climate and stunning natural scenery.


Investors seeking residence in Greece can benefit from the golden visa program. You can obtain a residence permit within 60 days with a minimum real estate investment of EUR 250,000.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong serves as the premier gateway for trade and investment into and out of mainland China. In this thriving metropolis, investors have multiple residence options to choose from.


Investing in Italy allows investors to travel freely throughout Europe’s Schengen Area without a visa. A minimum investment of EUR 250,000 is required to obtain residency without a permanent residency requirement.



Jersey is an island destination that offers residents a high standard of living and a stable economy. Its excellent flight connections across Europe make it an ideal place to reside..



The Latvia residence by investment program offers several qualifying options, and a minimum investment of EUR 60,000 is required. With no residence requirement, investors can benefit from this program without hassle.


Luxembourg offers investors the opportunity to invest in a high-income, business-driven EU country and obtain residence within six months.



Foreign nationals are allowed to reside in Malaysia on a long-term multiple-entry visa through the Malaysia My Second Home and Premium Visa Programs.


The Malta Permanent Residence Programme offers freedom of movement within Europe’s Schengen Area and security within the EU’s social and legal systems. It serves as a prime residence option for individuals seeking such benefits.


The Mauritius Residence by Investment Program offers investors the opportunity to access the dynamic investment market of the country while living, working, and retiring in this prime tropical destination.


Monaco serves as the European residence of choice for individuals with the means to afford its premium lifestyle. Residents can enjoy an unrivalled living standard.


Montenegro offers a dynamic investment landscape, and Montenegro Residence provides access to the European market, making it an ideal residence option for investors.



It is a prime location for global real estate investors due to its pro-business landscape and safe and secure environment. Investors can obtain residency in this country for a minimum investment of USD 365,000.

New Zealand:


New Zealand promises a high standard of living, economic, political, and social stability. The visa program provides successful applicants the right to live and work in the country.



It is a prime location for global real estate investors due to its pro-business landscape and safe and secure environment. Investors can obtain residency in this country for a minimum investment of USD 365,000.


Panama offers individuals the opportunity to invest in this tropical country with an international banking center and obtain residence within six months.



The Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program serves as a pathway to visa-free travel in Europe’s Schengen Area and offers the right to live, work, and study in Portugal.


Singapore’s Global Investor Program provides individuals with a pathway to reside in a safe and stable country with a high standard of living.

The Spain Residence by Investment Program serves as a pathway to visa-free travel in Europe’s Schengen Area and offers the right to live, work, and study in Spain.


The Swiss Residence Program guarantees residency in Switzerland for a minimum contribution of CHF 250,000 in annual taxes, making it an attractive residence option.


Thailand: The Thailand Elite Residence Program grants successful applicants and their families residence for five to twenty years, within four months, making it a quick and hassle-free residence option.

The EB-5 visa program is tailored to high net worth individuals and families the opportunity to gain permanent US residency faster than any other method. With a minimum $900,000 investment, applicants can obtain green cards in as little as 12 months.

What is residency by investment – the process?

Residency by investment is a process that requires a foreign national to invest in another country to live there. This type of program is usually an easier and faster way of obtaining residency in a country of your choice. Besides, permanent residence is a ticket to citizenship for life for you and your family.

Temporary and permanent residence

Temporary residence is a status granted to a foreigners giving them the right to stay in a country for a limited period of time. It can be in the form of a visa or temporary residence permit. A residence by investment program is another way of obtaining temporary and permanent residence. This is when you are required to invest in a country of your future residence.

A temporary resident can legally reside and work, study or do business in the country, depending on the type of visa, without becoming a full citizen. A temporary residence permit is normally granted for one or two years, subject to renewal annually or every two years. After a period of legal and continuous residence in the country, generally 5 years, a foreign investor can apply for a permanent residence permit. This is provided other requirements are met.

Permanent residence status offers foreign citizens rights or benefits similar to those of the citizens of the country that offers residence by investment. Permanent residents can reside, work, and study wherever they want without time restrictions. It also makes it easier for you and your family to travel for business or leisure, saving you time, stress, and money.

Reasons to invest in permanent residence

Everyone has their own reasons to invest in permanent residence. People choose to invest in a second residence to increase their worldwide mobility and benefit from good living standards and education and healthcare. Ultra- wealthy and high net worth individuals choose to acquire residences by investment to protect their assets, provide a better life for their families, and benefit from 100% confidentiality and privacy offered by investment programs in most countries.

Worldwide mobility

A citizen’s passport offers visa-free access to many more countries than permanent residence status in that country. However, most countries that offer residence by investment programs are part of the European Union, for example, Spain, Latvia, Belgium, etc. Permanent residence in these countries allows visa-free mobility throughout all Schengen states which currently stand at 26 countries.

Quality of life

Most countries that offer residence through investment programs have high living standards, excellent education and healthcare. Permanent residence guarantees personal security, economic and political stability, and a low crime rate.

Residence for the whole family

Residence by investment programs offer residence to eligible family members. Their applications are tied to the main applicant, and citizenship applications can also be made together. Permanent residents have access to world-class healthcare and educational institutions.


Countries that offer residence by investment programs are modern, open and highly developed economies. They provide tax incentives and low operating costs for businesses as well as a highly skilled, multilingual, and productive workforce.

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