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Spain’s Residence by Investment Program

I. Overview

Spain’s residence by investment program, also known as the Spain golden visa program, provides high net-worth individuals and families worldwide the opportunity to gain residency rights in Spain through a qualifying property, business or investment visa.

Spain’s program aims to boost foreign investment by allocating a select number of residency visas. Successful applicants gain visa-free access across Europe’s Schengen Area. The program provides an efficient route to permanent residency compared to traditional immigration processes which can take years.

II. Why Spain?

Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula and is a vibrant nation offering a magnificent quality of life, stunning natural landscapes like La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, majestic mountains, beautiful coastlines and captivating cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. Spain is renowned for its warm climate, passionate people, flamenco culture, Spanish cuisine like paella, and rich cultural history. As a member of the EU and Eurozone, Spain and its euro currency play a vital role in Europe’s economy. Spain also ranks highly in quality of life indexes.

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III. Spanish golden visa basics

IV. Spain golden visa details

  • Minimum 500,000 EUR capital investment in Spanish real estate
  • Approximate 20 day processing time once documentation submitted
  • Rights granted:
    • Live and reside in Spain
    • Work or study in Spain
    • Access excellent healthcare and education systems
    • Include spouse and dependent children under 18

V. Application process

  • Two main stages:
    • Spanish Residency Visa application – submit documents like passport, proof of funds, background checks
    • Residency Permit application – proof of qualifying property investment for Spanish residency, processing in ~20 days
  • Permit validity and renewal:
    • Initial 3 years validity
    • Renewable for 2 additional 5-year periods
    • Maintain real estate investment during renewal periods
    • Direct permit application possible for tourists already in Spain

VI. Pathways to citizenship

After meeting Spain’s residency requirements, investors can apply for full Spanish Citizenship and passport. Reduced 2-year residency terms apply for certain groups like Sephardic Jews, Equatorial Guinea, Latin America and the Philippines. Dual nationality is possible for most nationalities after passing the Spanish citizenship test, but some countries do not permit dual citizenship.

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