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Global Residence Program Index 2024

The Global Residence Index provides an authoritative ranking and comparison of residence-by-investment programs worldwide. It is compiled by Henley & Partners, the global leader in investment migration consulting.

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Henley & Partners’ Insight on the Index
According to Henley & Partners, the Global Residence Program Index offers a concise overview and comparison of the 23 most appealing residence-by-investment programs accessible. It serves as a valuable resource for global investors and families seeking guidance on selecting the most suitable program for their needs.

Understanding residence by investment programs

Residence-by-investment schemes enable individuals to secure residency in a country by making a significant investment in its economy. The prerequisites, minimum investment thresholds, and associated benefits vary significantly across different nations.

These programs offer a spectrum of advantages such as visa-free travel, access to healthcare and education, and enhanced lifestyle opportunities. They are designed to attract foreign investment and affluent applicants who undergo rigorous screening processes. While the residency is initially temporary, it can potentially lead to citizenship.

Evaluation and ranking criteria of the Index

The Global Residence Index evaluates and ranks programs based on various factors including the required investment amount, processing duration, visa privileges obtained, application complexity, and due diligence procedures. Additionally, considerations such as tax implications, eligibility for family members, and pathways to citizenship play a pivotal role in determining the rankings.

The top-ranked programs present appealing combinations of benefits relative to the investment required. Popular choices encompass countries like Portugal, Thailand, Australia, Greece, and various Caribbean nations. Moreover, there are more cost-effective options available such as Paraguay, Malaysia, and Ecuador.

Residence vs Citizenship Programs

Distinguishing between residence and citizenship investment programs is crucial. While residence programs offer residency rights and travel privileges, citizenship programs confer a new nationality.

Residence has a lower investment minimum, usually starting from €100,000. Processing is faster, typically 3-6 months. Residence provides a path to future citizenship through naturalization, which can take several years.

Citizenship requires a higher investment starting around €500,000. But it provides comprehensive benefits and passports for the family. Applications undergo rigorous vetting and take around 12 months to process.