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Luxembourg residence by investment programme


Luxembourg is a landlocked country in north-western Europe. It is bordered by Belgium to the west and north, France to the south, and Germany to the northeast and east.

The Luxembourg residence by investment programme is an efficient way for wealthy individuals to acquire Luxembourgish residency and enjoy the benefits of living in an EU nation with a stable economy and political environment.

Benefits of Luxembourgish residence by investment

  1. Visa-free access: A key advantage of the Luxembourg residence by investment programme is visa-free access to the EU and Europe’s Schengen Area. This means investors can freely travel and conduct business without the hassle of visa applications.
  2. High quality of Life: Luxembourg boasts an exceptional quality of life with modern infrastructure, excellent healthcare, and world-class education. It provides a safe, stable environment for investors and their families to thrive.
  3. Investor-friendly legislation: The country welcomes investors with open arms, offering a business-friendly environment and flexible corporate laws for rapid company formation.
  4. Low investment threshold: Unlike other programmes, the Luxembourg residence by investment programme does not mandate real estate purchase, making it more accessible to a wider range of investors.
  5. Favourable tax regime: Luxembourg is known for its advantageous taxation policies. As a resident, you’ll enjoy benefits such as no wealth tax and favourable inheritance and capital gains tax.

Requirements of the programme

The programme offers two routes for qualifying for residence:

a. residence by investment (For non-EU Investors)

To be eligible, you must fulfil one of the following criteria:

  1. Build financial strength through major bank deposits: high net worth investors can stake a claim in Luxembourg’s prestigious financial realm with a 20 million euro minimum deposit in an established institution for 5 years. Your substantial commitment fortifies prosperity and financial prowess.
  2. Foster economic growth through established enterprises: an investment of 500,000 euros or more gives you a stake in the continued success of established Luxembourg companies in commercial, industrial, or craft sectors. Your 5-year commitment helps sustain existing jobs and spur further growth, promoting stability.
  3. Spark new ventures, create new jobs: with an investment of 500,000 euros, you can help launch new companies in promising Luxembourg sectors. As a pioneering investor, you would enable these commercial, industrial, or craft ventures to thrive and generate at least 5 new jobs within the first 3 years.
  4. Strategic investments to ignite innovation: an investment of 3 million euros or more allows you to shape innovative investment and management structures in Luxembourg. With registered offices and real substance locally, your capital injection catalyses financial innovation and strategic influence.

b. residence by private reasons (for individuals from developing nations)

To qualify under this route, you must demonstrate sufficient financial resources to support yourself and your family. Additionally, you’ll need to arrange suitable accommodation.

Procedures and timeline

Applying for the Luxembourg residence by investment programme involves the following steps:

  1. Application submission: complete the necessary forms, attach required documents, and pay the applicable fees.
  2. Demonstration of intent: clearly state your intention to permanently reside in Luxembourg.
  3. Initial Ddue diligence: Your application will undergo initial checks before submission.
  4. Application processes: both routes have specific procedures that need to be followed.
  5. Approval and visa request: After approval, you can request a visa category D to facilitate your move to Luxembourg.
  6. Client’s responsibilities: as an applicant, you are responsible for travel arrangements, medical checks, and submitting the application.
  7. Registration: within three days of arrival in Luxembourg, you must register with the commune of residence.

The processing time for the application is approximately six months.

Validity and renewal of residence permits

The validity of the residence permits varies based on the route chosen. To renew your residence permit, you must demonstrate a significant length of stay (at least six months) in the country.

Luxembourgish citizenship following residence by investment

After five years of continuous residence in Luxembourg, successful applicants can apply for Luxembourgish citizenship. However, it is essential to maintain uninterrupted residence in the final year before the application, and applicants must meet specific language and integration prerequisites.