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About us

AptCitizenship is an introducing consultancy that helps introduce individual who are interested in acquiring a second passport. This is done through collaboration with licensed partners.

We assist individuals with finding their dream homes and investments with real estate services and support immigration and relocation.

With the right experience, we ensure success in helping you find the right investment opportunities in the Caribbean or obtaining an EU passport without much hurdles.

We always keep it clean. As things unfold, we will let you know. Our specialist partner team uses a strategic approach to ensure a seamless and successful application process, guiding our clients through each step. They understand the challenges of obtaining a second residency or citizenship. We make your journey to a better life straightforward and stress-free.

  • Improve the quality of life
  • Secure a better future for your children
  • Experience visa-free travel worldwide
  • Safeguard your assets

Why work with us?

We reduce the risk of rejection of your application to 1%. Our internal compliance team conducts a thorough preliminary check on due diligence on each applicant prior to signing an agreement with us. They also collect the required documents needed for the program.

We create and execute a clear plan of action

We have a plan of action and follow it in each program.


Our clients’ interests and peace of mind are our topmost priority. In their agreement with us, each client will sign a non-disclosure clause regarding their personal data and investment sources.


We work with governments and licensed agents in the European Union and the Caribbean. This is confirmed by our licenses. Citizenship and residence by investment can only be obtained through a licensed agent. This is a legal requirement in the countries concerned.