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Canada residence by investment program

Canada is an attractive option for obtaining residence through investment. Canadian immigration policies prioritize skilled professionals and entrepreneurs when issuing visas. The Canadian start-up visa program aims to attract foreign entrepreneurs and active investors to establish a presence in Canada by providing permanent residence.

Benefits of Canada residence investment

Obtaining Canada residency offers several benefits:

  • High-quality and reliable permanent residency for investors and their families
  • Stable economy and diverse business opportunities
  • High standards of living, education, and healthcare systems
  • Path to citizenship after residency requirements
  • Multicultural society with rich cultural events and cuisine
  • Visa-free travel to many countries
  • Favorable business environment with low tax rates
  • Safe and secure environment with a low crime rate
  • Investment opportunities in various industries
  • Inclusive immigration policies for everyone.

Requirements for the Canada Start-Up Visa Program

  • Innovate and scale your business to create jobs globally
  • Get Canadian residency through the Start-Up Visa Program

Choose from 3 investment options:

  • Business incubation (no minimum investment required).
  • Angel investment (raise CAD 75,000 from a designated group)
  • Venture capital fund (raise CAD 200,000 from designated funds)
  • Meet language proficiency, health, and criminal record requirements
  • Submit a detailed proposal and get a letter of support for PR application
  • Stay for 2 out of 5 years to maintain residency
  • Application process takes 12 to 31 months

Processing time

To obtain permanent residence in Canada, applicants must prepare and submit a business proposal. This proposal must be approved by a designated government business organization. They will receive a letter of support once the application is approved. They can then apply for permanent residency. To maintain permanent resident status, a physical presence in Canada for at least two five years (or 730 days) is required. The process can take 12 to 31 months.

V. Getting your Canadian passport

Canadian citizenship can be applied for after three years or 1,095 days of permanent residence in the country.


What is the minimum investment required to apply through the Start-up visa program?

The required minimum investment amount depends on which investment option is chosen. No minimum investment is required for the Business Incubator Stream. However, for the Angel Investor Stream, at least CAD 75,000 must be secured, and for the Venture Capital Stream, at least CAD 200,000 must be secured.

How much money do I need to bring to cover my living expenses when I get to Canada?

There is no fixed amount of money that an applicant must show for covering their living expenses when they arrive in Canada. However, the designated organization that supports the applicant’s business proposal should be satisfied that the applicant has a reasonable plan to cover their living expenses.

How can I get support from a designated organization?

To receive support from a designated organization, an applicant must convince them that their business idea is innovative and has the potential for growth in Canada. Designated organizations are business groups approved by the Canadian government to identify and support eligible foreign entrepreneurs.

Do I have to invest my own money to apply through the Start-up Visa Program?

Yes, applicants must invest in their own business. However, the investment can be a combination of the applicant’s own funds and funding from designated Canadian investors.

What happens if my business fails after I immigrate through the Start-up Visa Program?

If an applicant’s business fails, their permanent residency status may be impacted. However, the Canadian government recognizes that some start-ups may fail despite the entrepreneur’s best efforts and will assess each case on its own