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Latvia Residence by investment program

The Latvia residence by investment program came into existence on 1st July 2010, serving as a strategic response to the economic crisis of 2007-2009. With diverse options at their disposal, foreign nationals can easily apply for a residence permit in Latvia, opening doors to new opportunities and possibilities in this vibrant nation. Latvia welcomes aspirants from all walks of life to be a part of its promising future.


Latvia – A prime investment destination

Latvia, nestled in northern Europe, is a nation with a rich cultural heritage and a promising economic future. As the country works to stimulate economic growth and attract foreign capital during the current global financial climate, its Residence by Investment Program stands out as an excellent choice for international investors. Not only does it provide a straightforward path to European residency, but it also offers attractive investment options at a starting capital of just 60,000 EUR, making it one of the most affordable choices in Europe.

Unparalleled benefits of European residency

Investing in Latvia through the Residence by Investment Program brings with it an array of benefits. As an investor and resident in Latvia, you and your family members gain the stability and conveniences of living within the European Union. Some of the key advantages include:

1. Visa-Free travel in Schengen area

With Latvian residency, you can enjoy visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen Area. This opens up a world of opportunities for business and leisure travel, making it convenient to explore different cultures and expand your horizons.

2. Fast-track to Latvian permanent residency and citizenship

Investors who maintain their investment for 5 years become eligible to apply for permanent residence, which sets them on the path toward Latvian citizenship. Latvia’s relatively short path to citizenship is an attractive proposition for those seeking a new home in Europe.

3. Excellent business environment

Latvia provides a fertile ground for businesses to thrive. As an investor in Latvia, you gain access to potential business expansion opportunities, significant returns on investment, and a chance to participate in the country’s growth story. The country’s strategic location acts as a bridge between east and west, facilitating easy access to both Eastern European markets and Western European opportunities.

Investment routes toward residency

The Latvia Residence by Investment Program offers applicants three clear investment options:

1. Equity capital in a Latvian company

By investing in a Latvian company, you open doors for potential business expansion and enjoy returns on your investment. This option not only benefits your personal interests but also contributes to the growth of Latvia’s economy.

2. Subordinated loan to a Latvian credit institution

For those seeking stable interest returns, a subordinated loan to a Latvian credit institution is an attractive choice. By supporting the development of Latvia’s financial sector, investors contribute to the country’s economic stability.

3. Interest-free government bonds

Investing in interest-free government bonds allows your capital to make a direct impact on Latvia’s development by contributing to the state budget. This route aligns your investment with the country’s economic priorities.

Each of these investment options provides a pathway to temporary residence rights. The minimum investment requirement is 60,000 EUR for capital shares and government bonds, while the subordinated loan requires a minimum investment of 280,000 EUR.

Straightforward requirements for residency

While the Latvia Residence by Investment Program presents an excellent opportunity, applicants must meet certain requirements to be eligible for residency:

1. Sufficient funds for living expenses

Applicants and their family members are required to demonstrate sufficient funds to cover living expenses in Latvia, which amounts to approximately 500 EUR per person per month. This ensures that residents can comfortably support themselves and integrate into Latvian society.

2. Basic Latvian language proficiency

Investors and their families are expected to pass a basic Latvian language test demonstrating language proficiency at Level A2. Language classes and preparation materials are readily available, making it convenient for applicants to meet this requirement.

3. Knowledge of Latvia’s culture and history

To promote social integration, applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Latvia’s history, culture, and national anthem. This requirement focuses on basic facts that can be easily learned, making it a feasible task for prospective residents.

4. Clean criminal record and good health

Like any reputable residency program, Latvia requires applicants to have a clean criminal record and be in good health. These criteria ensure the safety and security of all residents within the country.

Simple application process

Applying for Latvia’s Residence by Investment Program is a straightforward process that can be completed in just three steps:

1. Prepare required documents

Gather the necessary documents, including your passport, proof of education, health checks, and financial statements. Having these documents ready in advance will streamline the application process.

2. Make the minimum capital investment

Choose one of the investment routes that aligns with your interests and financial goals, and make the required minimum capital investment. Ensure you obtain all the supporting financial documents related to your chosen investment option.

3. Submit the application

Complete the application form and submit it along with all the required documentation to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs. The processing time for applications is approximately 90 days, and successful applicants can collect their temporary residence permit in person in Latvia once approved.

Life in Latvia – A vibrant and fascinating experience

Latvia offers a high-quality of life in a country brimming with centuries of heritage and natural beauty. The capital city, Riga, is a cosmopolitan hub with stunning art nouveau architecture and a rich cultural scene. Its medieval Old Town has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, adding to its allure.

Beyond the cities, Latvia’s natural landscapes are awe-inspiring. From pristine beaches and dense forests to nature trails and national parks, outdoor enthusiasts will find a plethora of activities to indulge in. Traditional festivals, world-class restaurants, and magnificent castles complete the picture, making Latvia a vibrant and captivating place to call home.

Bridge the gap between east and west

One of Latvia’s unique aspects is its ability to bridge the gap between east and west. The country maintains close linguistic, economic, and cultural ties with Russia and the former Soviet states while embracing a Western European lifestyle. English is widely spoken in business settings, easing communication for international investors. This fusion of cultures makes Latvia a seamless and attractive destination for both business and personal growth.

Unlock a world of possibilities with Latvia residence by investment program

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey towards European residency? The Latvia Residence by Investment Program offers a compelling opportunity for investors and families seeking an affordable, accelerated path to living in one of Europe’s most promising economies. Take the first step towards securing your future in the heart of Europe by contacting us today. Invest in Latvia and unlock a world of possibilities for a prosperous and fulfilling life.