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New Zealand residence through the active investor plus visa

New Zealand is consistently ranked as one of the best countries globally for quality of life, prosperity, freedom, governance and natural beauty. Known for its stunning landscapes from majestic fjords to pristine beaches, New Zealand offers unparalleled natural wonders. Vibrant cities like Auckland and Queenstown also contribute to its high livability scores. newzealand-rbi It has a stable political climate, robust economy, and excellent healthcare and education systems. The friendly, welcoming locals represent the nation’s open and inclusive culture. With its many advantages, it’s no wonder New Zealand has become a top destination for investment migration and economic residency programs.

Active investor plus visa

Introduced in September 2022, the Active Investor Plus visa requires an investment of NZ$5-15 million over 4 years into diverse assets like NZ businesses, managed funds, equities, and philanthropic endeavours.

The visa offers extensive benefits:
    • Indefinite residence for you, your spouse/partner, and dependent children
    • Work and study rights in New Zealand
    • Pathway to citizenship after 5 years
    • No tax on foreign income, inheritance, gifts, or wealth

Key requirements to qualify

To qualify for the visa, main applicants must:
    • Invest the minimum NZ$5 million across approved assets
    • Demonstrate business experience and acumen
    • Prove good health and character
    • Show commitment to living in NZ long-term
    • Dependent family members must also meet English language and residence requirements.

Applying for the visa

The application process includes:
    • Submitting forms, fees, and documents
    • Undergoing health/character checks
    • Waiting 8-9 months for processing
    • Meeting ongoing investment commitments
Immigration advisors can provide guidance on preparing a strong application.

Benefits of gaining residence

As an NZ resident, you can:
    • Live, work and study anywhere in the country
    • Access healthcare and education
    • Own certain residential property
    • Travel freely to/from NZ
    • Sponsor parents for residence
You’ll need to meet minimum presence and tax residency obligations.

Pathway to citizenship

Those holding New Zealand permanent residency typically need to live in the country for 5 years before qualifying to apply for citizenship. There are fast track options which can reduce the residency requirement to 3 years for those who establish a business or invest substantially in the country. Gaining New Zealand citizenship provides benefits like access to a New Zealand passport allowing visa-free travel, voting rights, and the ability to stand for public office. The citizenship ceremony is a meaningful milestone.

With its investor-friendly policies, transparent application process, and many lifestyle advantages, New Zealand offers an appealing choice for investment migration and residency by investment. The innovative Investor Plus visa provides investors the opportunity to actively participate in New Zealand’s economic growth story while also gaining residency rights in this thriving Pacific nation.