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Namibia residence by investment with route to citizenship


Why Namibia residence by investment?

Namibia’s residence by investment is an attractive opportunity for lovers of Africans. It allows African and non-Africans to acquire residence permits through real estate investment.

Namibian stable political and economic environment with its remarkable tourist destinations and abundant wildlife, make it a ideal destination for investors. Namibia is home to the highest dunes in the world and ranks among the safest nations globally. The country’s robust infrastructure and high quality of life further enhance its appeal.

Program highlights

The Namibia Residence by Investment program is tailored to attract foreign nationals willing to invest in the country’s real estate market. Here are some key highlights of the program:

  • Eligibility: applicants must be foreign nationals looking to reside in Namibia.
  • Investment Requirement: a minimum investment of USD 365,000 in qualifying real estate projects is required.
  • Application Process: the process is streamlined to be efficient, typically taking around three months from submission to approval.
  • Residency Permit: successful applicants receive a residence permit, allowing them to live and work in Namibia.

Application process

The Namibia Residence by Investment program ensures a straightforward and efficient application process. We have provide a step-by-step guide below:

  1. Submission: submit your application and required documents to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security. This includes proof of investment and identification documents.
  2. Review: immigration authorities will review your application and verify the documents.
  3. Processing: The application processing time is approximately three months.
  4. Approval: once approved, you will receive a residence permit granting you the right to live and work in Namibia.

This streamlined process ensures that investors can obtain their residency without unnecessary delays, allowing them to quickly start enjoying the benefits of living in Namibia.

Namibian residents benefits

The attainment of permanent residency through the esteemed Namibia Residence by Investment Program brings many exceptional benefits:

  • Unwavering political and economic stability: Namibia stands tall, fortified by an unwaveringly stable political and economic environment, making it an attractive destination for investment and residency alike.
  • Nature’s finest and wildlife galore: Namibia’s pristine landscapes stand testament to its natural grandeur, featuring awe-inspiring wonders such as the world’s most majestic sand dunes and an astonishing array of diverse wildlife. Experience unparalleled adventures as a cherished resident.
  • A Sanctuary of safety and security: In Africa’s tapestry of nations, Namibia shines as a paragon of safety and tranquillity, offering its residents a haven of peace and serenity for themselves and their families.
  • Infrastructure excellence and exemplary quality of life: Namibia boasts a well-developed infrastructure and a superlative quality of life. Residents revel in modern amenities, excellent healthcare services, and world-class educational institutions.
  • Empowering economic growth and diversification: Your investment in Namibia serves as a catalyst for economic growth, contributing significantly to its economic diversification.
  • Liberating tax incentives: Namibia extends an enticing array of tax incentives to residents, empowering you to optimize your financial landscape and leverage rewarding fiscal advantages.
  • Holistic one-stop bureau service: Our unwaveringly dedicated team offers an all-encompassing one-stop bureau service, accompanying you throughout the residency application process, ensuring both convenience and unwavering efficiency.
  • Renewable five-year work permit: As a cherished resident, you gain eligibility for a coveted five-year renewable work permit, providing you with the autonomy to explore rewarding professional prospects within Namibia’s vibrant economic tapestry.
  • Stature among prestigious international organizations: Namibia basks in the pride of membership in various internationally renowned organizations, including the esteemed United Nations and the distinguished African Union. Such memberships fortify Namibia’s global standing, elevating its diplomatic relations internationally.


Applicants must submit specific documents and paperwork to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security. These documents may include proof of investment, background checks, and a completed application form. Adhering to the guidelines and providing accurate documentation is crucial to ensuring a smooth application process.

Applicants may need to liaise with the Namibian consulate or embassy in their home country or region. Consular or embassy officials can provide guidance on the visa application process and assist with any queries or concerns.

  • Completed application form.
  • Proof of the minimum investment of USD 365,000 in qualifying real estate projects.
  • Valid passport and other supporting identification documents.
  • Background checks and police clearance certificates.

It is essential to ensure that all documentation is accurate and complete to facilitate a smooth application process.

By participating in the Namibia Residence by Investment program, foreign investors can live, work, and study in Namibia. In addition, they can benefit from the country’s stable political and economic environment, high quality of life, and attractive investment opportunities.

Lucrative real estate investment prospects in Namibia


President’s Links Estate is an eco-friendly residential community located on the outskirts of Dorob National Park in Walvis Bay.

The estate offers sleek and modern houses and villas. Walvis Bay, known as “The Bay of Whales,” has a pristine coastal area abundant in high-quality fish, oysters, rock lobsters, and salt fields.

There are 745 luxury residential homes with swanky amenities.

Individuals need to acquire property worth at least USD 365,000 at President’s Links Estate to obtain a residency permit.

Retirement units starting at USD 300,000 are also available for investors aged 60 and above. The estate provides an opportunity to enjoy Namibia’s diverse wildlife and offers sustainable living.

Namibia’s culture and lifestyle

Namibia’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant way of life offer residents an unforgettable experience. Immersing in local customs and traditions allows individuals to fully embrace Namibian culture. Residents can explore the diverse attractions and engage in various activities, including wildlife safaris, cultural festivals, and enjoying Namibian cuisine. The country’s abundant natural beauty and lifestyle amenities provide a fulfilling and enriching living experience.

Comparison of Namibia Citizenship by Investment vs. Namibia Residence by Investment

When considering long-term residency or citizenship in Namibia, it’s important to understand the differences between the Citizenship by Investment and Residence by Investment programs.

Namibia citizenship by Investment program:

  • Eligibility: does not offer a direct path to citizenship; requires 10 years of legal residence for permanent residency.
  • Investment requirement: No specific investment amount, but financial stability is required.
  • Path to citizenship: After 20 years (10 with permanent residency), individuals can apply for Namibian citizenship.
  • Key feature: Indirect route to citizenship; emphasizes long-term residency commitment.

Namibia residence by investment program:

  • Eligibility: allows foreign nationals to obtain a 5-year renewable residence permit.
  • Investment requirement: minimum investment of USD 365,000 in real estate at the President’s Links Estate.
  • Path to citizenship: permanent residency possible after retaining real estate investment for 7 years; citizenship eligibility after meeting standard requirements.
  • Key feature: faster path to permanent residency; investment in real estate leads to potential citizenship eligibility.

Residency duration:

  • Citizenship program: Requires 10 years of legal residence for permanent residency; an additional 10 years for citizenship eligibility.
  • Residence program: Initially offers a 5-year renewable residence permit; potential for permanent residency after 7 years of retaining real estate investment.

Financial stability:

  • Citizenship program: Requires demonstrating financial stability throughout the 20-year period.
  • Residence program: Initial investment in real estate serves as a financial commitment; further financial requirements may apply for permanent residency and citizenship.

Citizenship benefits:

  • Citizenship program: Grants full Namibian citizenship rights and privileges after meeting all requirements.
  • Residence program: Provides potential access to Namibian citizenship through the standard naturalization process after fulfilling residency and other criteria.

Understanding these differences helps prospective investors make informed decisions about the best pathway to achieving their residency and citizenship goals in Namibia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of investments qualify for residency rights in Namibia?

Investors can secure residency in Namibia by investing a minimum of NAD 5 million (USD $316,000) in real estate developments like the prestigious President’s Links Golf Estate near Windhoek. Future options may include investments in local businesses, securities, or a national development fund.

What are the benefits of living in Namibia as a resident investor?

Namibia offers a compelling package to resident investors, including political stability, top-notch infrastructure, safety, modern amenities, a high quality of life, stunning natural landscapes, diverse wildlife, and access to regional markets through trade agreements. The widespread use of English as the official language and favorable tax policies further enhance the appeal.

How can I qualify for permanent residence and citizenship in Namibia?

The program initially grants a renewable 5-year residency. After maintaining this status for a decade, investors become eligible to apply for permanent residence. Subsequently, after an additional 5 years as permanent residents, they can pursue naturalization as Namibian citizens.

Are my spouse and children also eligible for residency?

The program extends residency eligibility to the spouse and dependent children under 21 of the principal applicant. Older dependent children may also qualify with appropriate proof of dependency. All family members are required to undergo biometrics and medical checks.

Is my investment a passive one, or can I work in Namibia?

While investors are restricted from working as employees for local companies, they are permitted to operate their own international businesses within Namibia related to their investment activities. This approach aims to prevent direct competition for local employment opportunities.

How is healthcare services for foreign residents in Namibia?

Namibia boasts high-quality private healthcare services concentrated in Windhoek, featuring world-class hospitals and specialists. Residents have the option to pay market rates or secure private medical insurance. Public healthcare is available but faces challenges due to being overburdened.

Are there Namibian taxes I need to pay as a foreign resident investor?

Foreign residents in Namibia are exempt from capital gains or inheritance taxes. They are only liable for local taxes on income sourced within Namibia. Offshore income remains untaxed, with a 15% value-added tax applicable on purchases. The territorial tax system offers favorable conditions for investors.

Is Namibia a safe and stable country for foreign residents?

Namibia stands out as one of Africa’s safest and most stable countries with low crime rates. Security features in gated communities like President’s Links provide residents with added peace of mind, contributing to an overall sense of safety in the welcoming environment of Namibia.

Is the Namibian economy and currency stable?

Namibia boasts sub-Saharan Africa’s most stable economy and currency—the Namibian dollar pegged to the South African rand. The country enjoys steady projected GDP growth averaging around 4-5% annually. While maintaining a business-friendly environment, Namibia selectively attracts foreign investment to safeguard local ownership.

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