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The Best passports for business investment in 2024


For high-net-worth individuals and families, alternative citizenship or residency programs allow greater freedom to live, work, and conduct business globally. By making a qualifying investment in a country’s economy, investors can gain visas or a second passport fast.

With the right passport, you open doors to favorable tax regimes, increased asset protection, and expanded business opportunities abroad. But not all investment migration programs are created equal. Requirements, timelines, and benefits vary greatly.

After extensive research, we’ve identified the top passport investment programs to consider in 2024 based on business advantages:

Malta for Access to the EU

  • Contribution: €650,000 donation to National Development Fund plus €150,000 government bonds
  • Benefits: Full EU citizenship within 12-14 months, 182 visa-free countries, right to live/work in EU
  • Perks: Attractive tax policies, stable pro-business environment, fast processing

Malta’s Individual Investor Program (MIIP) remains the gold standard for EU access. With full Maltese citizenship, you can establish a company and seamlessly operate within the EU common market. Malta offers an official residence option too.

“Malta ticks all the boxes both for individual entrepreneurs and investors looking to establish a business in the EU.”

Portugal for affordable EU residency

  • Investment: €500,000+ property purchase in low-density areas
  • Benefits: Temporary residence leading to EU citizenship potential after 5 years
  • Perks: Cost-effective, expanded options beyond real estate, high quality of life

Through Portugal’s Golden Visa program, investors can gain residency rights at a relatively low investment threshold starting at €500,000. This provides a path to EU citizenship and gives you a base to manage European operations.

“Portugal has emerged as a top choice for investors seeking EU residency at a more affordable price point compared to Malta.”

St. Kitts & Nevis for quick Caribbean citizenship

  • Contribution: $150,000 donation to the Sustainable Growth Fund
  • Benefits: full citizenship granted within 2-3 months, visa-free access to 156 destinations
  • Perks: fast processing, high approval rates, incentivizing luxury real estate

For fast Caribbean citizenship, St. Kitts & Nevis is a premier choice. The accelerated timeline appeals to investors who need mobility solutions urgently. While small, the country offers an efficient citizenship program with expanding tourism opportunities.

“The faster processing times make St. Kitts & Nevis appealing for investors who need mobility solutions quickly.”

Austria for Schengen zone access

  • Investment: €10 million government bonds OR €5 million real estate
  • Benefits: Austrian and EU permanent residence leading to citizenship
  • Perks: visa-free European travel, strong banking secrecy, low taxes

Austria provides a route to EU citizenship through bond investments of €10 million or real estate purchases starting at €5 million. The price is higher but offers fast processing and Schengen Area travel benefits.

“Austria’s program attracted over €5 billion in foreign direct investment by 2021.”

UK for expanding visa-free options

  • Programs: startup/Innovator, High Potential Individual, Global UK visas
  • Benefits: long-term or short-term stays for entrepreneurs, investors, professionals
  • Perks: no formal investment required, opportunity to build UK-based businesses

While the UK has no direct citizenship program, the country actively encourages business investment through various visa categories such as the Startup and Innovator programs.

“The newly expanded High Potential Individual visa provides a pathway for professionals to work long-term in the UK without employer sponsorship.”

Canada for provincial alternatives

  • Programs: Quebec Investor, Ontario Immigrant Investor, Manitoba/Nova Scotia options
  • Benefits: Permanent residence through qualifying business investments
  • Perks: High quality of life, competitive corporate tax rates, business-friendly policies

With no national program, Canada still offers residency through provincial business investor programs. These lead to permanent residence and potential citizenship.

“Canada is known for its high quality of life, competitive corporate tax rates, and business-friendly immigration policies.”

Perform due diligence before applying

With increased scrutiny of investment migration programs, completing comprehensive due diligence on your background and sources of funds is essential. Reputable firms can guide you through the verification process required by top-tier jurisdictions.

There’s no one size fits all solution. By choosing the country and program tailored to your objectives, alternative citizenship or residency unlocks unique privileges to expand your business reach globally.