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Citizenship by Investment in Egypt


Egypt is a sovereign state spanning North Africa and the Middle East. The country has recently caught the attention of investors due to its citizenship by investment program.

Egypt launched its citizenship by investment program (CBI) in 2019, providing a fast and straightforward pathway to Egyptian citizenship.

The key benefits of the Egypt CBI program include quick processing times, visa-free access to over 50 countries, and a relatively low investment requirement. This guide will provide an overview of the Egypt citizenship by investment program, its benefits, the application process, and why Egypt may be a good choice for investors seeking a second passport.

Overview of Egypt CBI program

The Egypt citizenship by investment program offers two investment options:

  • Real Estate Purchase – Investors can acquire citizenship by purchasing real estate in Egypt with a value of at least $100,000. The property must be held for at least 5 years.
  • Government Bonds – Investors can also obtain citizenship through an investment of $200,000 in government bonds, held for 5 years.

The Egypt CBI program includes a spouse and children under 18. The typical application processing time is estimated to be 2-3 years. Importantly, the program has no residence requirement – investors do not need to live in Egypt to qualify.

Benefits of Egyptian citizenship

There are several attractive benefits that come with an Egyptian passport:

  • A strategic location at the crossroads of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, providing a unique global vantage point
  • Exclusive visa-on-arrival access to Nigeria, a major player in Africa’s Top 5 economies
  • Egypt’s favourable tax regime spares citizens from the burden of global income, wealth, inheritance, and capital gains taxes
  • Eligibility for the prestigious E-2 Investor Visa in the USA, expanding horizons for global business ventures
  • Egyptian citizens experience visa-free entry to 51 countries, including coveted destinations in Russia and Southeast Asia
  • Egyptian citizenship extends beyond the individual, offering the unique privilege of passing down citizenship to future generations
  • Liberty to live, work, and pursue education in Egypt, all without the need for additional visas or permits

Application process

Here are the key steps to obtain citizenship through the Egypt CBI program:

  1. Hire an Authorized Agent – An experienced agent can advise on options and guide you through the process.
  2. Provide Identity Documents – This includes passport, birth certificate, police certificate, and proof of funds.
  3. Pass Due Diligence Checks – Egypt will screen applicant’s background and source of funds.
  4. Make Qualifying Investment – Transfer funds and complete purchase of real estate or government bonds.
  5. Obtain Citizenship – Applicant will be granted citizenship after holding investment for the required timeframe.

Why choose Egypt?

There are several reasons why Egypt is an appealing option for citizenship by investment:

  • Strategic Location – Egypt links the Middle East with North Africa and southern Europe. It offers excellent travel access.
  • Lower Investment – Egypt’s program has a lower qualifying investment than many other CBI programs.
  • Stability – Egypt has taken steps to stabilize its economy and government over the past decade.
  • Rich History and Culture – Egypt offers investors and their families access to a fascinating ancient civilization.