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The best passports for mobility

The passport you hold has a major influence on your ability to travel, invest, and live abroad freely. Some countries offer passports that provide extensive visa-free access and advantages for high net worth individuals.

Based on mobility, business climate, and investment requirements, the Swedish, Swiss, and Norwegian passports stand out as top tier choices in 2024.

Swedish passport – business gateway to Europe

  • Visa-free score: 189 countries visa-free
  • Benefits: Live/work across EU, strong business climate, innovation incentives
  • Perks: Excellent healthcare, high quality of life, prosperous economy

The Swedish passport enables seamless travel access to Europe and beyond. Sweden offers a robust environment for business too.

“Sweden provides extensive visa-free travel paired with a thriving economy, making it appealing for entrepreneurs and investors.”

Swiss passport – stability and global mobility

  • Visa-free score: 189 countries visa-free
  • Benefits: Business-friendly taxes and privacy laws, politically neutral
  • Perks: World-class infrastructure and living standards, four national languages

The Swiss passport is a gold standard for mobility. Switzerland provides optimal stability, security, and privacy – ideal for managing global assets and operations.

“Switzerland offers an unmatched combination of global access, thriving economy, and political stability.”

Norwegian Passport – Visa-Free European Access

  • Visa-free score: 188 countries visa-free
  • Benefits: Generous social system, transparent business culture, nature wonders
  • Perks: Rich oil reserves and prosperity, highest standard of living

Norway gives excellent access to Europe and beyond. The country offers an attractive base to live and conduct business with its vibrant emerging startup scene.

“Norway blends breathtaking natural beauty with cutting-edge industries, making it appealing for relocation or investment.”

Residency and Citizenship options

These Nordic countries have limited formal investment migration programs. But there are some options:


  • Self-employment work permit visa
  • Business talent visa for innovative professionals
  • Entrepreneur renewable residence permit


  • Lump sum taxation to facilitate residency after moving
  • Cantonal work permits based on annual salary


  • Self-employed residency visa through Norwegian company
  • Startup visa for innovative foreign founders
  • Skilled professional work visa

Meeting local business venture or high net worth requirements can facilitate temporary or permanent residency. This may lead to naturalization and a passport after several years.

Unmatched quality of Life

The Nordic region is renowned for an exceptional quality of life – especially Sweden, Switzerland and Norway.

  • World-class education, healthcare, infrastructure
  • High life expectancy and human development
  • Vibrant cultural scene and stunning natural beauty

Paired with modern economies and advanced technological development, the Nordics offer appealing environments to live, work, invest, and travel from.

Choosing the right fit

There’s no absolute best – each passport offers distinct pros and cons. Selecting the right fit depends on your priorities whether business expansion, global mobility, or simply a better life abroad.

With robust due diligence and adhering to evolving immigration requirements, Sweden, Switzerland or Norway present compelling options for high net worth individuals in 2024. The expansive visa-free travel and thriving Northern European economies unlock immense possibilities.