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Saudi Arabia introduces lucrative real estate premium residency

Saudi Arabia is shaking up its premium residency program with the launch of an enticing new real estate investment pathway for foreign nationals. The innovative “property investment” option presents a golden opportunity for affluent expats to secure Saudi premium residency by purchasing high-value residential property in the Kingdom.

Under this latest premium residency scheme, foreign investors must acquire Saudi residential real estate worth a minimum of 4 million Saudi riyals (approximately $1.07 million USD). Uniquely, the validity duration of the residency status is directly tied to the continued ownership of the qualifying Saudi property asset.

What are the key benefits of the Saudi real estate premium residency?

Foreign nationals selected for this coveted residency can enjoy an array of invaluable privileges along with their immediate family members, including:

  • Residency rights for spouses, parents, and children under 25
  • Unrestricted job mobility between Saudi employers
  • Exemption from expat fees for resident and dependents
  • Visa-free entry and exit to/from Saudi Arabia
  • Sponsorship of visit visas for extended family
  • Use of airport fast-track citizen lanes
  • Work authorization for spouses and adult children
  • Commercial activity governed by Saudi investment regulations
  • Full property ownership and utilization rights

How to qualify for the Saudi real estate premium residency?

To be eligible for this distinguished long-term residency, applicants must satisfy the following key criteria:

  • Freehold ownership or usufruct of Saudi residential property worth ≥SAR 4 million
  • Property free of any current or pending mortgages
  • Real estate purchased without financing
  • Limited to constructed residential properties (not vacant land)
  • Official real estate valuation by Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers

Program details and application process

Residency validity is contingent upon continued ownership of the qualifying Saudi property, while a nominal one-time government fee of SAR 4,000 applies.

The Premium Residency Center has recently launched an advanced online platform providing streamlined digital services for global applicants. This allows seamless end-to-end application submission conforming to the highest international standards.