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New World Wealth – Global Wealth Intelligence & HNWI reports


Established in 2013 and headquartered in Mauritius, New World Wealth is a premier global wealth intelligence firm specializing in tracking and analyzing high net worth individuals (HNWIs) worldwide.

With a rigorous research methodology and experienced analysts, they produce insightful, accurate reports on HNWI demographics, wealth trends, investments, property ownership, philanthropy, lifestyle patterns and luxury spending habits. Their data and findings empower strategic decision making for organizations focused on the HNWI segment.

Trusted global authority on wealth Intelligence

Over the years, New World Wealth has established itself as an authoritative voice on HNWI trends and movements worldwide. Their data and insights are regularly featured in the following renowned annual wealth publications:

They also publish exclusive custom research reports focused on HNWI trends for elite private banks, wealth advisors, property developers, law firms, family offices and other luxury brands.

Trusted by leading media, governments and institutions

The firm’s wealth reports are frequently referenced by major media outlets like BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Forbes, Financial Times, New York Times and The Telegraph.

Their expertise is relied on by the governments of Australia, UK, Mauritius and others looking to attract foreign investment and wealthy individuals.

In addition, banks, wealth managers, property developers and law firms depend on New World Wealth’s accurate HNWI data and insights to inform strategic decisions and engage high-end clients.

Unparalleled intelligence on global wealth

With its rigorous methodology, insightful databases and experienced analysts, New World Wealth provides unrivaled intelligence on key aspects of the global HNWI market including:

  • HNWI demographics, populations, density, migration flows
  • Wealth creation across countries and cities
  • HNWI investments in property, equities, alternative assets
  • Luxury spending habits and demand for wealth services
  • Lifestyle patterns, philanthropy initiatives, sustainability

Their timely reports and findings deliver actionable insights to equip clients with a detailed understanding of HNWI movements and preferences worldwide.

Discover New World Wealth’s wealth intelligence reports and services at www.newworldwealth.com.